The Everyday Backpack #PeakDesign / by andrew morales

I'm always in search of a stylish, sleek yet functional camera backpack. This time I teamed up with Peak Design to showcase my new favorite. The Everyday Backpack. Not only is the design dope, but the compartmentalization and accessibility options are the best I've encountered. I usually over-pack my bag so the additional padding is tremendous. I no longer feel the weight on my shoulders. This is a great investment for any level photographer looking to keep their gear safe in style. 


Follow along on Instagram for our giveaway of the CaptureLENS. Wear CaptureLENS on any backpack strap, belt or bag keeping your spare lens quickly accessible and freeing up the inside of your bag for other gear. EVERY photographer should have this.

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Photography/Videography by Mauricio Jorquera

Kicks by A.Posse

Hat by FlameKeepers Hat Club

Jacket & Trousers by Eleventy