Gallery Show / by andrew morales

I recently had the opportunity to showcase my work alongside chapeau designer Rene Mantilla. The motivation behind this series was taking suiting to a sexy place. I took some of my grandfather's suits and decided to modernize them with the wardrobe styling, photography & lighting. I was luckily enough to have a few of my industry friends come and make it happen. 

Special Thanks

Models: Yah Yah, Rachel, Miguel, Lauren, Viktorija 

Hair and Makeup: Eric, Rachel, Rashad

Assistants: Latasha, Dante


Bx Recognize Bx! One of my idols (Swizz) came by and checked out the event. We had an excellent turnout and the event was sponsored by Luc Belaire Champagne. Check out the gallery below featuring other guests including Shaun Ross, "Boys Of New York" Designer Isidoro Francisco, Ty Hunter, Swizz Beatz, Diandre Tristan and many more.